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Integration 1 are a small Internet Security and Computer Services company based in Nunawading Victoria. It is because we are small that makes us stand out from our competitors. Being flexible with solutions and adaptable with pricing gives us a leading edge.

Integration 1 keep our Engineers up to standard on all technologies available today including Cisco Certifications and Microsoft Certifications.
More companies are moving into Broadband connections and Wireless Networks. With these new technologies comes a greater security risk.

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Integration 1 can provide, install and support any security product on the market. Since we aren't a brand reliant company this gives you a best of breed scenario and benefits you with the correct solutions for your needs.

Integration 1 will source any security and antivirus solution available today. We will also provide multiple pricing options for any network or computer related hardware and software.

We are based in Melbourne Victoria with affiliations with field staff all over Australia. Our main focus is in the SME(Small to Medium Enterprise) area of business. This makes us adaptable, flexible, and able to service any needs of our clients nationally.
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Firewall protection is essential
Everybody with an Internet connection is vulnerable to attack from outside influences or many kinds of virus. In today's industry a Firewall has become a necessary item along with your virus protection software. As the internet becomes more popular, the risk becomes greater.
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Security Report for your Network
Integration 1 can provide you with security and vulnerabilites report for your network. We use the latest technology to scan your Internet Infrastructure to pinpoint risks, potential threats, bugs and vulnerabilities in your network. This procedure along with a detailed onsite visit to examine your businesses Internet Security ensures a secure environment for your company.
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Hardware and Software
Integration 1 supply multiple platforms of Hardware and Software. With a wide range of suppliers this makes us very flexible in the quoting process. Whether you are looking for a single computer or implementing an entire network, we can help.
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Hardware Partners Systems Integration
Computer and Network services are an integral part of any business. Integration 1 are competitively priced and focussed in making your project implement smoothly and quickly.

We have many support options as well as competitive rates. Because of this we can tailor a solution to fit any need.
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virus protection and Anti Virus software Virus Protection
We all know that we need to have Virus Protection. Integration 1 is able to help business owners to determine the most appropriate solution for their business.
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